NYUAD Junior Appointed to Emirates Youth Council

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Dubai Abulhoul, who is majoring in political science at NYUAD has been selected as a Rhodes Scholar. Deepthi Unnikrishnan/The National

NYU Abu Dhabi political science major Dubai Abulhoul (Class of 2017) has been appointed to the Emirates Youth Council. Its aim is to develop government strategies to keep up with youth trends, identify challenges facing today's youth, and ensure participation of youth in UAE public affairs.

In addition to this achievement, Abulhoul also:

  • Won the 2014 Arab Woman Award for Young Talent of the Year
  • Published a fantasy novel in 2012 called Galagolia
  • Writes regular opinion pieces for local newspapers
  • Interned at the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC

It’s a great honor for the NYU Abu Dhabi community to see one of our students, a current junior majoring in political science, be appointed to serve the UAE as a member of the youth council. Dubai has distinguished herself both in the classroom and as an inspirational member of our community, and at the same time established herself as a promising contributor in the UAE literary world. She embodies the multiple talents and creative spirit that make all of us at NYUAD so deeply proud of our students.

NYUAD Vice Chancellor Al Bloom

The 13-person council also includes Saeed Al Nazari who graduated from NYUAD's Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program (SMSP) for UAE university students in 2012-13, and is chaired by NYUAD alumna Shamma Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth.