Three Stories to Inspire Healthy Living at NYUAD

"Healthy living is a combination of body and soul management, and I realized that giving myself time to reflect or just to concentrate on my breathing for a few minutes could drastically improve my long, busy days." - Suraiya Yahia, student blogger for NYUAD Athletics.

In the spring, many NYU Abu Dhabi community members participated in the 21 Day Wellness Challenge, organized by Athletics and Health and Wellness. Athletics student bloggers Harshini Karunaratne, Suraiya Yahia, and Hayat Al Hassan wrote about their experiences and offered some advice for living well at NYUAD.
These are excerpts. Read their full blogs.

Making Little (but healthier) Choices

by Harshini Karunaratne
Not everyone can make time to go to the gym, but there are some choices we can make in our daily lives. I started to become conscious of certain habits or things I would do. If I am in my room trying to work, I am more likely to be distracted by finding food to snack on. If the only thing I have to do is readings, I will still feel inclined to open my laptop. Getting away from my dorm not only meant I would be walking to a new location, but that I would also only take what I needed with me. Leaving behind my laptop and silencing my phone while I was reading were choices I made to try and be productive.

Pursuing Happiness: On the Pathway to a Wholesome Life

by Suraiya Yahia
The 21-Day Wellness Challenge made me realize how lucky I am to evolve in a community such as NYUAD. The Fitness Center is definitely a very welcoming and enjoyable place with an incredible team of trainers who will always be there to encourage us and push us closer to our limits. A big part of the community is also committed to daily routines and the gym is a great place to socialize: it’s always nice to meet new people in such a context. The Wellness Challenge was also marked by the Second Fitness Games which saw students and staff competing in teams: a fun event with a very friendly atmosphere that gave everyone their dose of burpees, box jumps, and pushups.

Journey of Living a Better Lifestyle

by Hayat Al Hassan
Drink more water today, take the stairs rather than the elevator this time, take a break, enjoy your time with friends, and do something that you love. These are all things that the 21-Day Wellness Challenge encouraged me to do more often.