High Line Parade Celebrates Diversity and National Pride

Students participate in the International Parade held on NYU Abu Dhabi's High Line.

The first in a series of monthly parades hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi's Resident Assistants (RAs), the International Parade on September 25 celebrated many countries represented by the student body while bringing together members of the University community. Held on the High Line — an elevated outdoor pathway that circles the campus — and spearheaded by RA Cristóbal Martinez (NYUAD '15), the parade saw approximately 30 students parading from the dorms to the dining hall, just in time for dinner.

Waving flags and some wearing traditional dress, the students represented countries including Colombia, Pakistan, Latvia, Mexico, the US, and Australia.

Martinez was quite pleased with the turnout. "I was very happy to see so many people. I didn't know what to expect," he said.

Freshman Nick Chaubey, who sported an American flag tank, enjoyed the global nature of the event. "I felt the High Line Parade showcased our community's ability to celebrate our internationally diverse background here at NYUAD," he said.

As for the parades to come, Martinez and his fellow RAs have quite a number of planned events for their residents. "Based on the trends we see next month, [the parade] may be a Halloween parade or something more serious, like raising awareness about breast cancer," he said. "The idea is that it is an ongoing thing…we'll adapt it both for the goals that the RAs have for the month and the trends that we see for the month."

The next event will take place on October 30. All are welcome!