Simple Tricks to Re-invent Your Campus Living Space

Customize your dorm furniture with unusual throws.

Your space as a student really includes the whole university campus. You may spend more time in the lab conducting experiments or talking to friends in the dining halls than you do in your room. But when you exile yourself to your personal space, it should be comfortable, cheerful, clean and absolutely Zen, especially after a long and stressful day.

I've lived on university campuses for eight years in three different countries and I have learned to appreciate the importance of investing time and energy into re-imagining my space. Here are a few humble tips on how to make your room a little slice of heaven.

Take a moment to write down something beautiful a friend said or a prominent quote that someone said to the world. It will make one of your days.

Imen Haddad, NYUAD Resident Assistant

Allow memories to exist in the now

Pictures of home, postcards mailed by friends, and better yet, postcards you actually bought for yourself somewhere in the world allows you to revisit your rich history and remember the most valuable moments of your life. Keep those memories thriving by reminding yourself of how loved you are.

Clip your duvet cover

We've all been there. The duvet and outer cover don't always seem to get along. This is a simple strategy that will allow you to enjoy four more minutes in the shower. Simply clip the edge of your duvet cover using a binder clamp. It will allow you to use your duvet with much more flexibility and not worry about fixing it every morning.

Add color

Color = happiness! The cheery color of a pomegranate can add such a zen atmosphere to your room. To add even more color, try placing multicolored cloths or scarves in various places, like on the sofa. Also don’t forget to eat those fruits; they are as delicious as they are good for you.

Explore the magic of an added light

This point might end up being a failed film student’s cinematography teaching moment, but why not try? Buying a lamp or two will add another level of happiness and serenity to your room. Add gel colors to make the light pink, orange, blue or whatever color you love. Be sure to use available light when it's around because its more environmentally friendly.

Get an air mattress

There is a certain magic about an inflatable mattress, especially an electric one. It allows you to switch between your official bed and a more adaptable one. Sometimes, I think it’s better to change the way we sleep especially if we need to wake up early to finish a paper. Shaking things up can be very refreshing. You can spill juice on an inflatable bed and eat popcorn fearlessly without thinking about paying your dues for damages at the end of the year. Also think about how convenient it will be for all those sleepovers and movie nights!