Welcome, Class of 2018!

A very warm welcome to the Class of 2018! And what better way to get you started here at NYU Abu Dhabi than with advice from those who have already walked the path on which you are about to embark? Without further ado, some words of wisdom from members of the University's inaugural Class of 2014.

I have three pieces of advice for the incoming freshmen:

1. Do not fret about NYUAD's capacity to graduate students that end up in promising places. We have people in my class who have been admitted for postgraduate education at MIT, Columbia, Princeton, Oxford, and Harvard, and those who have received job offers from world-renowned global institutions such as McKinsey and Google.

2. I am sure I don't need to tell you to devote time and discipline to your studies because if you haven't been doing so, you most likely wouldn't have been admitted to NYUAD; but if I may give one tip, I will say do spend time with your professors. They can be wonderful mentors.

3. Make time for student life and participate in events around campus. There is much to enjoy and learn. Half of what I learned at NYUAD was outside of my classroom. Interpersonal skills are invaluable to success in the real world and you can really mostly develop them outside of class. Explore and meet the people, locals, and expatriates of the United Arab Emirates! — Shamma Sohail Faris Al Mazrui, UAE

Push yourself. There is so much NYUAD can offer. Try to make use of the wonderful resources and you will be amazed at your personal development when you build relationships, learn skills, and find new possibilities. — Xiaohua Liu, China

Every year is a different adventure. Enjoy every moment, every friendship, every travel experience, and every new lesson. Don't be afraid to change and try new things. There will be so much to look back at and, remember, it's all a part of growing up. — Sahar Kazemini, Iran and Thailand

Connect your education with generosity. You will find joy in your service to others. — Musbah Dilsebo, Ethiopia

Don't be afraid to change and try new things.

Sahar Kazemini, NYUAD Class of 2014.

Make the most of your time here. Talk to people. Learn from your classmates — they're some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. — Jasmine Alexis Boutros, USA

Make the most of the next four years, time will past faster than you imagine! — Jessica Obidowski, Poland

Take the initiative to develop your academic and professional path during undergrad. Otherwise you risk falling into the trap of doing things because you are "supposed to" or expecting someone to do things for you. If you do what you are passionate about and do it with excellence, sprinkle some persistence and pro-activeness, you can accomplish anything. — Leena Asfour, Palestine and USA

Everything is going to be ok! Just breathe, enjoy, and make the most out of these four years. — Florencia Schlamp, Argentina

Try to figure out exactly "where you are" among your community every time you move to a new environment. That is the baseline that everything starts from. — Haoran Liang, China

NYUAD will be overwhelming — don't worry, just rejoice! — Harrison Tan, USA

Never stop trying to shape NYUAD and your own adventures while here. — Joshua Shirley, Australia

Try out different classes, different majors, and different careers. Learn a language or start your own club. Make friends with people from different countries. Travel in the region. College is the best time to explore and find out what you are passionate about. — Darina Gancheva, Bulgaria

It will be fine. Even if it feels very overwhelming at times, in the end it is always fine. — Damla Gonullu, Turkey