A Mouthwatering Week at NYUAD

NYUAD Executive Chef Sachin Mohan spices up dining hall food with international flavor.

Members of the NYU Abu Dhabi community had the chance to sink their teeth into some delicious international cuisine this month at the University’s cafeterias. Cooked with love by the NYUAD kitchen, food served has included French pâté, Colombian soup, and Trinidad stewed chicken, just to name a few.

The international menu took NYUAD Executive Chef Sachin Mohan a few weeks to plan, and a briefing was given to the kitchen chefs before executing each day's food theme. Following the success of the "Around the World" dining experience from last year, Mohan increased the number of days from seven to 12 to showcase more dishes from different countries.

The reception has been great and Mohan has received positive feedback on the food from the NYUAD community. The NYUAD dining team tried to keep the recipes as authentic as possible, often sourcing ingredients locally through food suppliers.

"I'm currently enjoying the most delicious dining hall lunch I've ever had," exclaimed NYUAD sophomore Sarah Batbold, "and it's really nice to have some different flavors."

Besides spicing up the dining hall food, NYUAD sophomore Tamara Sanchez Ortiz from Mexico also said it introduced her to cuisines from around the world that she would otherwise not have been exposed to. She was excited when the kitchen attempted her hometown dishes and noted that "the enchiladas were pretty good!"