Software for Research and Teaching

The Center for Academic Technology provides a range of academic software, and troubleshooting services.

  • NYUAD Licensed Softwares

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Software Support

We provide support for the procurement, licensing, installation and troubleshooting of academic software supporting either the curriculum or research. A variety of academic software is available through site or network licenses. If the software you require is not listed below, email us at with the name of the software, anticipated usage (curriculum or research), and any other relevant information. 

Offsite Installation of Software

Installation of software on computers not located at the Library, is normally provided by utilizing TeamViewer, which provides secure remote support for license distribution. You may be asked to download the TeamViewer client and provide the secure code to perform this task.

Funding for Software

Funding for software that is used for research purposes will be billed to either the faculty research budget or to the relevant department if a previous agreement has been reached.

Software on Public Computers

A variety of software packages are also available for faculty, researchers, staff, and students to use on public use computers across the NYUAD campus. See our list of NYUAD Software on Public Computers.

Center for Academic Technology

The Center for Academic Technology (CAT) is the one-stop shop where NYU Abu Dhabi students, faculty, and staff can receive help with their academic technology needs.

The team supports students, faculty, and staff in using technology, software, and equipment for their teaching and research. This team also supports classroom technology services and audio-visual services on campus. They are located in the NYUAD Library.