Computer Labs

The Library team maintain a number of computer spaces and labs across campus where students have access, some of which are 24/7.


  • During Library opening hours, there are iMacs and Windows desktops spread around the space.
  • Room 303 has 14 Windows desktops with Bloomberg access.

Student Residences

Each student residential building computer room has a Windows desktop and Ricoh printer available 24/7:

  • A1 BC
  • A2 AB
  • A5 ABC
  • A6 ABC

Campus Center (C2) —Baraha

Currently being refurbished.

Computer Labs Open 24/7

We maintain two 24/7 dedicated computer labs:

Building Room Computers
Social Sciences Building (A5) 003 24 Windows Desktops
The Arts Center (C3) 104 16 iMacs


If you need more information or have any queries about the labs please email or stop by the Center for Academic Technology in person.

Center for Academic Technology

The Center for Academic Technology (CAT) is the one-stop shop where NYU Abu Dhabi students, faculty, and staff can receive help with their academic technology needs.

The team supports students, faculty, and staff in using technology, software, and equipment for their teaching and research. This team also supports classroom technology services and audio-visual services on campus. They are located in the NYUAD Library.