Record Your NYUAD Memories, From Anywhere

The NYUAD Library is facilitating the NYUAD Memory Project, a project to capture community members’ memorable stories as well as significant moments in NYUAD’s history, in an interview format. Modeled after StoryCorps® in the United States, and other community Memory Projects, this grassroots participatory oral history archive will become a core part of the NYUAD University Archives, where it will be preserved and made available for future users and researchers alongside other materials and historical records in the Archives. All NYUAD community members are invited and welcome to participate.

Step 1: Instructions

If you’re interested in organizing a Memory Project session, here are the basic steps:

  • Choose a partner or partners.
  • Record your interview, using our questions as prompts (PDF).
  • Download and name your file.
  • Submit your recording.

Please expand the boxes below and read more detailed instructions and guidelines.

Step 2: Complete the Form, Authorize, and Submit Your Recording

  • After you record your interview, complete the form below, beginning first by selecting the number of participants from your session. 
  • Beginning the form will prompt the rest of the form to appear. 
  • One person may complete the form and authorize permissions for all participants, but information about each participant is required for documentation and archiving purposes.
  • Name your file using the last name of the person completing the form (e.g., Smith.mp4).
  • Upload file, click “submit.”

Participant One

Participation Agreement

Please check I agree for the following statement.*

In submitting this form and its attached recording, I understand that I am conveying all rights, title, and interest in copyright of the recording to the NYU Abu Dhabi Library. I authorize on behalf of myself and all participants, that my interview be placed in the NYUAD Library Archives and Special Collections where it will be processed as part of the University Archives and made available to the public for research, without restriction. Future uses may include quotation in printed materials or audio/video excerpts in any media, and availability on the internet. In return for this authorization of rights transfer, NYUAD grants me a non-exclusive license to use my interview through my lifetime. *

Participant Two

Participant Three

Participant Four

Please check the "I'm not a robot" box below and wait until the green check-mark appears before you click the submit button.

If you are having difficulty with this form, please let us know.