Research-Informed Teaching Practices (SoTL)

How to Practice Research-Informed Teaching

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the practice of studying (and publishing potentially) learning and teaching methods to produce evidence-based best practices in the classroom and curriculum. Research-informed practices can help advance student learning by implementing scientifically tested methods of teaching. This can be helpful when you find yourself in a new teaching setting or trying to find exciting ways to engage student learning, or when you would like to share your knowledge with a wider teaching community.

Starting Off

  • What kind of teaching style or aspect of teaching do you prefer (e.g., lecturing, discussions, etc.)?
  • What kind of teaching style or aspect of teaching do you find unappealing or difficult to execute?

Looking at the Existing Literature

After Examining Existing Literature

  • Once you read through research papers, implementing the recommended findings can be difficult. You can fill in the table below (Figure 1) right after reading an article or while implementing new learnt tricks to give you some structure.
  • Apart from trying research informed teaching methods and observing the changes, you can also ask students for feedback on the changes you have made. If there are any improvements needed you can implement it immediately.

Research-Informed Teaching Methods Evaluation Table