Time Talk
10:30-11:30am From percepts to concepts: Understanding category selectivity for animals and objects
Olivia Cheung, NYU Abu Dhabi 
11:30am-12pm Category representations in convolutional neural networks: A layer-by-layer analysis
Niels Verosky and Olivia Cheung, NYU Abu Dhabi
12-2pm Break
2-3pm Harmonic analysis of social cognition
Anne Maass, Michele Pavon, Caterina Suitner, NYU Abu Dhabi and Padova University)
3-3:30pm A mathematician’s perspective: equivalence relations steering the abstraction process
Michele Pavon, NYU Abu Dhabi
3:30-4:15pm Break
4:15-5:15pm The diverse representational substrates of the predictive mind
Michael Gilead, Tel Aviv University
5:15-5:45pm Final discussion