• Parasite Models and Development

    Day One — Thursday, January 4, 2018

    Time Event
    8:30-9:30am Registration and Coffee
    8:50-9am Welcoming Remarks by Program Organizers
    Panel I — Parasitic Nematode Models

    Chair: Kris Gunsalus, NYU New York and NYU Abu Dhabi

      9-9:30am — Host immune responses and parasite development in the real world
    Mark Viney University of Bristol, UK
      9:30-10am —Programmed DNA elimination in nematodes
    Richard Davis University of Colorado Medical School
      10-10:30am — Developing heterorhabditis bacteriophora as a model for nematode parasitism
    John Hawdon George Washington University
    10:30-11am Break and Refreshments
      11-11:30am — A self-recognition system in nematodes
    Ralf Sommer Max Planck Institute Tuebingen
      11:30am-12pm — Nippostrongylus brasiliensis: a model for understanding cholinergic regulation of immunity
    Murray Selkirk Imperial College
    12-2pm Lunch
    Panel II — Development, Behavior, and Host Interactions

    Chair: Oliver Hobert, Columbia; HHMI

      2-2:30pm — Molecular and behavioral analysis of neuronal remodeling events in the C. elegans dauer
    Oliver Hobert Columbia; HHMI
      2:30-3pm — Molecular and cellular dissection of a conserved hitchhiking behavior of the nematode
    Junho Lee Seoul National University
    3-3:30pm Break and Refreshments
      3:30-4pm — The chemical language of worms: semantics and host interference
    Frank Schroeder Cornell; Boyce Thompson
      4-4:30pm — Mucosal immunity and mitigation of helminth-induced tissue injury
    De'Broski Hebert University of Pennsylvania
    4:45-5:45pm Campus Tour

    Public Program — A World Without Parasitic Worms: Why, When, and How?
    Tim Geary McGill University

    *Immediately followed by public reception