Amber Nomani

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Favorite Campus Food
Margherita pizza with chilli flakes

Favorite Abu Dhabi Activities
Go to the city to get fresh juice

Work as a student assistant in a psychology lab, hang out with friends

Me in a Nutshell

"For me, the teacher to student ratio was one of the larger reasons to come here."

I have always appreciated learning in a more personal environment, which is more difficult to achieve in larger class sizes as in other universities. After Candidate Weekend, the enthusiasm of the community, and the liveliness of everyone around me made me feel like I could find home in this new place.

What I genuinely love about the work I’ve done in psychology is that it allows me to use the skills I’ve learned while studying computer science.

Most people tend to be amazed by how drastically unusual the combination of psychology and computer science seems. Having a background in coding has allowed me to quickly pick up the skill of coding my own experiments. I love how research combines a little bit of everything I enjoy: designing posters, coding, interacting with people when running experiments, and always learning something new each day.

One of my favorite professors is Professor Robert Volcic.

He’s always very engaging in class, and I never found myself distracted. However, it’s not just his attitude in class that makes him one of my favorite professors, but how he greets you outside the class. He always jokes around and is really fun to talk to, which makes it easier to approach him with questions.

Taking Communications Lab with Professor Craig Protzel has been one of my greatest achievements.

The entire class is an introduction to different types of media, such as animation, film making, sound recording, drawing comic strips, and designing websites. We worked in teams to complete a project we were all extremely proud of. I walked away from the class with projects I was ready to show off to my friends, and as refined works of art that I had poured my heart and soul into.

I really enjoyed the creativity it sparked, and also the connections I made with my classmates through working in group projects every week. I felt like by the end of the semester, the entire class felt like a big group of really good friends.

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