Willem Cant

Williem Cant, Class of 2019, was an intern in Liberia as a grant manager.

After some late-night browsing for potential summer internships, I came across a position for a grant manager with the Youth Crime Watch of Liberia (YCWL) in Paynesville, Monrovia.

As an aspiring political science and history major, my interests lie in foreign policy and international development. Despite some reservations about regulations, restrictions, and safety, I decided to apply.

Through extensive research on the history of Liberia, watching documentaries, email, and Skype conversations with people who have lived and worked in Liberia, I've decided this was the opportunity for me.

My primary responsibility was to develop strategic partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, and economic development and community-based agencies whilst writing and editing grant proposals, researching grant opportunities, and evaluating requests for funding opportunities.

This internship has given me tremendous exposure and it really allowed me to reflect on my place in this world and on how I want to contribute to make our world a better one.

A bit of advice?

Remember that it is OK to not know what you want to do later in life. Pursuing something that seems different or out of the ordinary could be a very enriching experience and provide new avenues for personal development.

Willem Cant, Class of 2019

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