Paula Dozsa

Paula Dozsa, Class of 2018, at the Google office in Germany.

Since high school, I have been studying computer science and have been interested in the dynamics of being a female in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Knowing the emphasis Google places on workplace equality, I explored summer internship opportunities with them during my first year at NYUAD. After a fantastic experience that first summer, I was able to land a second summer position with them in their Munich office where I worked as a software engineer on the Chrome privacy team, adding several features to the Chrome application for Android.

I want to change the way women are perceived in STEM fields based on my experience with the women in the weSTEM student group at NYUAD.

Interning for Google has made me even more confident in my skills and potential as a female in tech. I believe that this is due to the emphasis that Google places on inclusivity.

Any advice?

For those pursuing careers in technology,  get involved in as many tech-related activities and events as you can, such as hackathons or student groups. These will give you the chance to improve your skills, as well as network with people in the industry.

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