Abu Dhabi and the UAE


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is made up of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi (capital), Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Quwain. NYU Abu Dhabi's campus is located in Abu Dhabi, on Saadiyat island. NYUAD undergraduate students will have opportunities to explore the Emirates through the Kashtah program.

Neighboring Countries

The Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are two countries that border the UAE.


The workweek in the UAE is from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday as the weekend. However, retail and many other consumer focused businesses are open six to seven days a week.


December through March is considered the mild season with average temperatures ranging from 20°C to 22°C (about 68.5°F to 71.6°F). August is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 40°C (104°F). Humidity is high in the summer months. There is very little rain in Abu Dhabi from May to October, with January typically being the wettest month.


The UAE is in Greenwich Mean Time plus four hours. In Standard Time, the UAE is nine hours ahead of New York. During Daylight Savings Time, Abu Dhabi is eight hours ahead of New York.

Language and Demographic

While Arabic is the official language in the UAE, English is widely spoken, and is primarily used in education and business, particularly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


The UAE is considered one of the safest countries in the world, with extremely low violent crime rates. However, incidents of property crime do occur, and appropriate alertness and safety measures should be taken as you would anywhere else in the world.

National Day

The United Arab Emirates celebrates National Day annually on December 2. NYU Abu Dhabi hosts lively events to educate the community about UAE traditions and culture.

Exploring the UAE

Kashtah, an Emirati word for short trip, allows undergraduate students to explore the seven emirates and deepen their understandings of religious and cultural traditions that weave together the fabric of this society.

These trips will include meeting Emiratis, eating Arabic cuisines, and experiencing the different landscapes of the UAE. From the skyscrapers in Dubai, to the luscious green in Al Ain, students will get to enjoy the unique features of each of the seven emirates of the UAE.

Emirates Road Trip

Hafsa Ahmed and her closest friends explore Abu Dhabi and Fujairah by bus.