Health and Wellness

NYU Abu Dhabi believes in a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating mind and body. Whether a student needs care for an illness or injury, wants a routine check-up, or is having issues with sleeping, eating, or general adjustment while away from home, we have them covered.

Our Health and Wellness Center is a fully accredited, on-campus health care facility committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality, student-centered health care and wellness services for all currently registered NYUAD students. We offer a wide range of fitness activities to help you keep fit regardless of your fitness level, and our campus dietician and dining team take special care to ensure you have the knowledge and opportunities to make healthy food choices.


NYUAD really cares about supporting my mental and emotional experience. The Health Promotion Office makes me feel less stressed about needing to succeed and reminds me that balance and well-being are equally as important.

Annalisa Galgano, NYUAD student

Medical Services

A multidisciplinary staff comprised of physicians, registered nurses, psychologists, clinical social workers, and administrative and technical personnel provide a comprehensive array of services:

  • identify and treat common medical conditions
  • assess urgency of medical problems, provide the best care, and referrals to specialists when necessary
  • after-hours emergency support and crisis response
  • preventive and health education
  • travel immunization
  • sports physicals for athletes
  • confidential counseling services

There is also a pharmacy located on campus.

Eat Healthy

Many food products have nutrition labels. We also have a campus dietician.

Stay Fit

Keep your body in tip-top condition with Fitness Center's facilities and fitness programs.

Wellness Exchange

The Wellness Exchange is a student’s key to accessing the general health and mental health resources offered at NYUAD. The Wellness Exchange private hotline puts students in touch with professionals who can help address day-to-day challenges, as well as other health-related concerns, including medical issues and academic stress.

Health Insurance

As part of the NYUAD program, all undergraduate students are enrolled in a global health insurance plan through GeoBlue as well as a local plan through Oman Insurance Company (OIC). These plans provide students with direct access to medical and mental health services in the event the student requires care while in Abu Dhabi (OIC) or while traveling/studying abroad (GeoBlue).

Oman Insurance Company
800-823-2872 (toll free inside the UAE)
+44 (0) 1273-323-563 (outside the UAE)

GeoBlue (global plan)
1-855-282-3517 (toll free inside the US)
+1 610-254-5304 (outside the US)

New York University requires that students studying abroad as part of their educational program be covered under the NYU-sponsored health insurance plan administered by GeoBlue.