Student-Alumni Programming

Throughout the year, we offer programs for alumni to engage with current students. These opportunities allow alumni to meet students, share their knowledge, and remain an active part of the NYU Abu Dhabi community. 

Dinner with Six

Dinner with Six is an NYU Alumni Association program inviting students to alumni homes or nearby restaurants for a relaxed and casual meal. 

These small dinner parties are held in all of NYU’s global locations. They offer students the opportunity to connect with alumni and provide alumni with the opportunity to share their experiences, mentor students, and support future generations of NYU. 

NYUAD is proud to participate. Learn more and get involved.

Student Philanthropy Institute

Philanthropy is a critical aspect of most nonprofits and NGOs around the world. The ability to motivate and inspire people to give of themselves — time, money, experience, and skills — is crucial to the success of any nonprofit. The Student Philanthropy Institute (SPI) was launched in 2019 to allow students to hear from industry leaders in philanthropy locally and internationally to learn about their path and their advice for anyone looking to work in the nonprofit world or how to inspire others to help create a better world. 

Countdown to Graduation Brunch

The Countdown to Graduation Brunch is held every year to welcome graduating students into the NYU Alumni Association and celebrate what it means to be an NYUAD alumnus/a. Bringing together graduating seniors and alumni from the region, the Brunch is a chance for students and alumni to learn about the Office of Alumni Relations and how to remain connected to the NYU community after graduation.