Upcoming Events

Date Location Event
February 23, 2021 Virtual It Starts at NYUAD
A Converstion w/ NYUAD Alumni Entrepreneurs
March 4, 2021 Virtual Theatre Alumni Town Hall
March 31, 2021 Virtual The State of the Arts
A Conversation with NYUAD Alumni
April 5, 2021 Virtual Introducing Provost Arlie Petters
A Conversation for NYUAD Alumni
April 19, 2021 Virtual NYUAD Class of 2020: One Year Later
April 2021 <Ongoing> Virtual Life After NYUAD Regional Meetings


NYUAD Events

Return to campus for events open to the public. Attend a lecture at the Institute, visit the Art Gallery, or see a performance at The Arts Center. Check the NYUAD calendar for upcoming events. 

NYU Alumni Events

With nearly 600,00 alumni around the world, there is always something happening in the NYU alumni network. Learn more about upcoming NYU alumni programs and events.