Learning Outcomes

Theater Program

Students who complete the major in Theater at NYU Abu Dhabi are expected to have acquired:

  1. An understanding of theater as a field of inquiry, research and innovation as interpreted within a framework that includes aesthetics, culture, history, theory, self, and society;
  2. The ability to articulate in written and oral form concrete ideas about theater and Theater Practice while employing robust theoretical and critical underpinnings;
  3. An interdisciplinary understanding of theater as a practice that interconnects a network of texts and ideas and in which the study of theater is related to other fields of scholarly endeavor;
  4. Ability to use theatrical stagecraft including lighting, scenic and costume design and their corresponding technical software and digital programs;
  5. Ability to create theater in a range of styles and collaborative approaches and in so doing the ability to apply a range of performance and process theories and methodologies including close reading of plays and performance texts.
  6. The ability to conduct rigorous research including the use of library resources, performance archives, and digital technologies.

Students in the Theater Practice Track are expected to have acquired:

  1. The ability to lead and collaborate on creative projects that reflect conceptual and theoretical thought and demonstrate a unique creative sensibility.

Students in the Theater Studies Track are expected to have acquired:

  1. The ability to explain the characteristics and development of diverse theater genres (classical, neoclassical, experimental, emergent) and world theater traditions (from Asia, Africa, the Arab World, the Americas);
  2. The ability to communicate original critical and theoretical arguments (both written and oral) and in so doing, demonstrate effective use of evidence, citation, archival support and use of digital technologies.