To declare a major, students must meet with the Program Head to discuss their plan of study. Students who major in Social Research and Public Policy must complete 14 courses.

Requirements Course Details
4 courses required in Foundations of Social Science Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences; Introduction to the Study of Society; Global Economic, Political and Social Development since 1500; 1 course on Social, Political, and Economic Thought in Historical Perspective (currently SOCSC-UH 1310 or SOCSC-UH 1311)
2 major elective courses Research Methods
2 major elective courses Social Structure and Global Processes
2 major elective courses Public Policy and Institutions
2 major elective courses Society and Culture
2 Capstone Seminar and Project

Sample Course Schedule

The following is an example of a typical course schedule for Social Research and Public Policy major during four years of study.

Social Research and Public Policy (PDF)

Course List