Learning Outcomes

Psychology Program

Students who major in Psychology at NYU Abu Dhabiu will develop:

  1. Specialized knowledge of the psychology scientific, theoretical literature.
  2. Comprehensive understanding of the critical problems and questions in psychology, including how to identify them, evaluate their importance, and prepare ways to study them.
  3. Technical, creative, and analytic skills to collect, analyze, and interpret various types of data. These skills will include a mastery of widely used computer-based data collection programs and statistical software packages.
  4. Advanced communication skills, including how to present their work according to the field’s academic standards. These skills will include a mastery of how to write papers in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA).
  5. The ability to recognize the ethical complexity of issues in psychology, including the necessity for academic integrity.
  6. Skills to self-evaluate and evaluate others through the peer-review process of critical idea exchange.