Learning Outcomes

History Program

Upon completion of the major in History at NYUAD, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Analyze and interpret different kinds of evidence, including cultural, social, economic, and political;
  2. Organize evidence into a coherent argument;
  3. Develop arguments in which they reassess and, where necessary, revise accepted historical conclusions, while continually questioning and justifying their own methodological assumptions and practices;
  4. Understand the ways in which the field of history complements or overlaps with other scholarly disciplines;
  5. Conduct historical research, including the use of primary and secondary sources, archives, library resources, and relevant new technologies;
  6. Present historical arguments in rhetorically efficient forms—both written and oral—manifesting effective use of evidence, organizational skill, and, where appropriate, new technologies;
  7. Demonstrate expertise in one particular trajectory of historical inquiry resulting in the production of a senior Capstone project; and
  8. Compete effectively for places at elite doctoral programs in history in the US and around the world should they so desire.