Global Awards

What are global awards?

Global awards are highly-competitive, merit-based opportunities that are conducted at a national or international level. Some of the best-known global awards include the Rhodes ScholarshipFulbright Scholarship, and Gates-Cambridge Scholarship fund further study after your NYU Abu Dhabi education.

There are others, like the Dalai Lama FellowsFuture Global Leaders Fellowship, and Clinton Global Initiative - University, that are more experiential in nature, and which accept applications from students while they are enrolled at NYUAD.

12Rhodes Scholars

In 6 graduating classes
(from 2014-2019)

More per student than any
university in the world


Fulbright Scholars


Schwarzman Scholars


Yenching Scholars

We help you plan and prepare.

Our goal is to help students identify passions, interests, and future paths. We work together to pursue the right global awards competitions that will help achieve those goals.

We think you gain a lot from applying, no matter what the outcome.

We put the emphasis not on the outcome of the global awards competition, but on the process of applying. We believe that there are significant and important benefits from going through the process of applying for a global award, whether or not you are selected to receive such an honor.

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