NYUAD Chemistry Labs    

Bias Research Group

The Baias Lab at NYUAD is focused on developing methods for high-pressure NMR crystallography with the aim of characterizing polymorphism in complex crystalline materials when subjected to high pressure conditions.

Dore Laboratory

The research interests of the Dore Laboratory at NYUAD lie at the interface of chemistry and biology, creating new technology to study complex biological systems.

Healy Lab

The Healy lab's mission is to harness the tools of bioinformatics, automated synthesis and high-throughput screening to streamline the process from natural product gene cluster to preclinical drug candidate.

Kirmizialtin Lab

Molecular thermal motions play an essential role in many functionally important biochemical processes such as allosteric transitions, ion permeation through channels, or folding of proteins and nucleic acids. Knowledge of functionally important molecular motions has important implications in medicine and nanotechnology, in addition to providing insights into understanding life.

Naumov Group

The research in the Naumov group is at the borderline of solid-state chemistry, structural chemistry and photochemistry, focusing on structural aspects of novel materials for efficient conversion of light, chemical, thermal and mechanical energy in the solid state.

Trabolsi Research Group

Advances in supramolecular chemistry (chemistry of weak interactions) have allowed the Trabolsi Research Group to engineer several functional materials with numerous distinct function related components integrated in one system.

Research Highlights

Exciting research is happening at NYU Abu Dhabi. 

Bright Hot Crystals

Led by Panče Naumov, NYUAD researchers achieve solid state Thermochemiluminescence with crystals that emit light when heated. 

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