Sara Saboor

Instructor of Social Science Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD American University of Sharjah

Research Areas: Computational Social Science, Data science, Engineering System Management, Organizational and Behavioral Management

Sara Saboor is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background in academia and industry. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (Electronics) with a gold medal and a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication). She recently obtained her PhD in Engineering System Management from the renowned American University of Sharjah. Her doctoral studies provided her with a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary aspects of engineering, management, and advanced technologies, showcasing her commitment to excellence in research and academia. 

Saboor's research prowess is evident through her extensive publication record. She has co-authored six peer-reviewed journal papers, 10 conference papers, and four book chapters, all of which have garnered recognition for their originality and impact. Her work has shed light on various aspects of Computational Social Sciences, Engineering Management, Decision Making, and Advanced Technologies, including IoT and Blockchain.

Having worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the past, Sara is adept at guiding and mentoring students in their thesis projects and publications. She excels at providing valuable insights and constructive feedback, ensuring that her students produce high-quality work. Saboor's dedication to teaching excellence has earned her the prestigious Excellence Award in Research and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in 2022 from the American University of Sharjah, recognizing her commitment to academic and pedagogical excellence.