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AI is changing recruitment in the Middle East. But can bias be eliminated?
In a region that has a multicultural workforce, experts discuss if AI technology reduces bias in the hiring process or adds to it.
Fast Company Middle East | December 14, 2023


ChatGPT Advice Academics Can Use Now
To harness the potential and avert the risks of OpenAI’s new chat bot, academics should think a few years out, invite students into the conversation and—most of all—experiment, not panic.
Inside Higher Ed | January 12, 2023

ChatGPT and the rise of AI writers: how should higher education respond?
The proliferation of AI text generators such as ChatGPT has major implications for higher education. Nancy Gleason explores how educators should respond to these tools which can write essays in seconds.
Times Higher Education | December 09, 2022

Future jobs demand future learning, Riyadh forum told

The future of learning came under the spotlight as international and local education experts and leaders gathered at Princess Nourah Bint Abdurahman University in Riyadh on Wednesday.
Arab News | November 03, 2022

Celebs in the political universe

Expect some star power as some movie and television personalities join the race in the national elections 2022.
Manilla Bulletin | October 01, 2021

What does it take to make a three-day weekend permanent?

With Covid-19 infection rates declining globally and employers summoning their staff back to the office, many are saying goodbye to the era of remote work.
The National | August 9, 2021