• Books

    Ramey, Adam J., Jonathan D. Klingler, and Gary E. Hollibaugh Jr. More than a Feeling: Personality, Polarization, and the Transformation of the US Congress. University of Chicago Press, 2017.

Working Papers

Asmussen, Nicole, and Adam Ramey. "When Loyalty is Tested: Do Party Leaders Use Committee Assignments as Rewards?." (Revise and Resubmit at Legislative Studies Quarterly).

Hollibaugh, Gary E., Adam Ramey, and Jonathan Klingler. "Welcome to the Machine: A Model of Legislator Personality and Communications Technology Adoption." (Under Review).

Ramey, Adam, Jonathan Klingler, and Gary E. Hollibaugh. "Will I Stay Or Will I Go? Conscientiousness and Lame Duck Absenteeism in the United States Congress."

Ramey, Adam Joseph, and Lawrence S. Rothenberg. "The Tangled Web of Policy Support: Foundations and Environmental NGOs." (Under Revision).