Postdoctoral Workshops

Postdoc workshops are opportunities for postdoctorates to present seminar style presentations of their research to each other and to interested faculty. We organize four workshops during the academic year, two in the fall and two in the spring. At the first opening workshop in the fall, all the postdocs give a 5 minute presentation of their research agenda and three seminar style presentations.  The following three workshops are four seminar style presentations.


2018 - 2019

September 23, 2018

Yan Long, "Self-Fulfilling Equilibria in Social Contests: Expectations and Neighborhood Effects"
Daeyong Jeong, "Stable Constitutions"
Javier Mejia, "Social Networks and Long-Term Economic Performance"
Rabia Malik, "Are Goodwill Ambassadors Good for Business? The Impact of Celebrities on IO Fundraising"

Nov 1 to Nov 1, 2018

Conference on Russian Politics, hosted by Noah Buckley, with UAE University in Al Ain and Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

December 4, 2018

Maria Boccardi, "Does Random Consideration Explain Behavior when Choice is Hard? Evidence from a Large-Scale Experiment."
Romain Gauriot, "Nash at Wimbledon: Evidence from Half a Million Serves"
Sergio Ascencio- Bonfil, “Nomination Rules and the Calculus of Mobilization: Theory and Evidence from Mexico”
Jacopo Magnani, “An Experimental Investigation of Wasteful Signaling in Matching Market”
Manu Munoz, “Web of Lies”

April 28, 2019