Postdoctoral Workshops

Postdoc workshops are opportunities for postdoctorates to present seminar style presentations of their research to each other and to interested faculty. We organize four workshops during the academic year, two in the fall and two in the spring. At the first opening workshop in the fall, all the postdocs give a 5 minute presentation of their research agenda and three seminar style presentations. The following three workshops are four seminar style presentations.

September 28, 2017

Christian Koch, "The ghost of institutions past: Evidence on the path-dependence of tax evasion",
Aaron Kamm, "What Causes Gamson’s Law? Experimental Evidence on Coalitional Bargaining and Commitment"
Han Il Chang, "Building Cooperation Among Groups in Conflict: An Experiment on Intersectarian Cooperation in Lebanon"

December 14, 2017

Yan Long, "Self-fulfilling Equilibrium in Social Contests: Aspiration and Neighborhood Effects",
Kemal Akoz, "Strategic Investments in Bargaining Positions: Signal manipulation vs. Insurance Incentives",
Huanren Zhang, "Normative Conflict and History Dependence in Repeated Coordination Games"
Mattia Fochesato, "Origins of Europe's North-South Divide: Population changes, real wages and the 'Little Divergence' in Early Modern Europe

February 1, 2018

Georgia Michailidou, "I'd Lie for You,"
Elena Korchmina, "The puzzle of tax compliance in the early nineteenth-century Russia (the case of progressive income tax),"
Maria Boccardi, “What can be learned from behavior? Predictive ability in discrete choice environments”
Mayada Oudah, "How Machines Win Friends and Influence People,"

April 18, 2018

Huanren Zhang, "Cooperation under the shadow of inequality"
Manu Munoz, "Integration and Diversity"
Rabia Malik, "Are Goodwill Ambassadors Good for Business? The Impact of Celebrities on IO fundraising" (with Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir)
Jacopo Magnani, "Search, Matching and Bargaining"