Traffic Congestion in Cities is Getting Worse

The challenge of managing traffic in major global cities demands interdisciplinary research. At NYU Abu Dhabi, researchers like Monica Menendez, associate professor of civil and urban engineering, are working to understand and improve the complex and interrelated networks that make up urban life.

In The News

UTD19 - Largest multi-city traffic dataset publically available
Monica Menendez, in close collaboration with her colleagues Lukas Ambuhl, Allister Loder, and Kay Axhausen from ETH Zurich, just published a large-scale traffic dataset from over 23,541 stationary detectors on urban roads in 40 cities worldwide, making it the largest multi-city traffic dataset publically available.
September 7, 2020

Monica Menendez, NYU Abu Dhabi – Sharing the Road
Monica Menendez, associate professor of civil and urban engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi, looks into the best way to move people around a city.
Academic Minute | April 14, 2020