ACT — Artistic Freedom and Children's and Youth's Perspectives in the Arts in Turkey

This project addresses an anti-discriminative, non-violent, and egalitarian alternative to the established education language traditions in Turkey — using drama as a tool. It explores ways to transform the hierarchical and patriarchal structures of theater-making, including its economic, gender, class, or ethnic dimension by structuring the language and the behavior in the studio. The project consists of two main phases.

The first phase is training workshop facilitators and young theater professionals and providing them with practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for working in a studio with children from various backgrounds while putting forward norm-critical, anti-discriminative, non-violent, and egalitarian communication skills and ethical codes. 

The second phase includes a rehearsal and presentation process of original youth theater pieces that will be presented at Mordem Arts Centre in Diyarbakır and in Istanbul for around 500 audiences.