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With New Constitution, Tunisia Begins Uncertain Chapter
However flawed and fragile, Tunisia’s democracy has “really, really mattered,” says Monica Marks, assistant professor of Middle East politics at New York University Abu Dhabi.
VOA News | August 9, 2022

Tunisia civil society groups raise questions over referendum data
Amid complaints over data management, election authority maintains the results of constitutional referendum are valid.
Al Jazeera | August 05, 2022

As Tunisia’s Democratic Experiment Unravels, Economic Collapse Looms

The last time Tunisia plunged into political crisis — its infant democracy unraveling amid political deadlock, assassinations and mass unrest — it fell to the country’s traditional guardians to find a way forward.
The New York Times | May 07, 2022

Tunisia coup: Saied seizes control of electoral commission in latest power grab

President Saied said he would replace most of commission's members in a move that will cast doubt on electoral integrity.
Middle East Eye | April 22, 2022

After years of dysfunction, Tunisian MPs unite trying to salvage their political system

Old school politicking and backroom deals helped bring parliamentarians together to vote down Kais Saied's exceptional measures.
The National | April 14, 2022

Ukraine's impact on the US-Turkey alliance

The bilateral relationship has faced serious issues in recent years, but could the conflict in Ukraine lead to a potential strengthening of Ankara and Washington's alliance?
The New Arab | March 09, 2022

Tunisia’s public sector salary crisis could threaten Saied’s rule

Teachers, nurses and police officers are being put in the red by late salary payments as the country’s finances crumble.
The National | February 22, 2022

Tunisia’s Popular Authoritarian

This week on Babel, Jon speaks with Dr. Monica Marks, a professor of Middle East politics at NYU Abu Dhabi who has been thinking about Tunisia for almost 15 years. 
Rajawali Siber | September 21, 2021

As Tunisian President Cements One-Man Reign, Opposition Grows

Over the past two months, Tunisian President Kais Saied has enjoyed broad popular support to reach ever higher heights of power, culminating in a recent announcement that he would essentially rule the country by decree.
The Singapore Time | September 27, 2021

As Tunisia’s President Cements One-Man Rule, Opposition Grows
For the past two months, President Kais Saied of Tunisia has ridden widespread popular support to ever-higher peaks of power, culminating in a recent announcement that he would essentially rule the country by decree.
DNYUZ | September 27, 2021

‘A parade of red flags’: what next for Tunisia after Kais Saied’s extension of power?

Politicians and experts have expressed concern about the situation in Tunisia a day after President Kais Saied said that he would be indefinitely extending his sole control of the government.
The National | August 25, 2021

‘You just think about eating’: Why Tunisians backed a presidential power grab
For many, it has been a decade of disappointment — of incurable unemployment, deepening poverty, and a growing sense that their leaders do not care.
Boston Globe | August 5, 2021