Examining the practice of glossolalia within the everyday and within my family relationships and the way in which spoken glossolalia can be used to further discussions around our relationship to the voice as a form of connection to our bodies and others. Tongues looks at the phenomena Glossolalia which translates to speaking in tongues, as a material that propositions the mouth as a vocal space which moves between the semiotic chora – between the verbal and nonverbal to create images formed through acoustics. This project was developed as part of my PhD reserach in collaboration with Uchechuwku and Chidinma Ezugha, edited by Martyna Poznanska and funded by Arts Council England, National Lottery grant.


Tongues, 2021 Podcast

Chinasa Vivian Ezugha in collaboration with Uchechuwku and Chidinma Ezugha.  Audio performance, 10 minutes, Edited by Martyna Poznanska