Past Events

  • Feb 19 to Feb 20, 2018

    “Transformations in Environment and Society”
    Co-convened by Sophia Kalantzakos (NYUAD) and Christoph Mauch (Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, University of Munich)

    Feb 18 to Feb 20, 2018

    “Normativity and Reasoning V”
    Convened by Matthew Silverstein (NYUAD)

    Feb 19 to Feb 21, 2018

    "The Ottoman Empire in the Long Eighteenth Century (A Locally Generated Modernity)"
    Zev Feldman (NYUAD)

    Mar 13 to Mar 27, 2018

    Exhibition, "—a fine word, galaxy”
    Curated by Jonny Farrow (NYUAD)

    Mar 28 to Mar 29, 2018

    “Varieties of Emirati Womanhood: Subjectivities, Creativities, and Confines"
    Convened by Laila Prager (NYUAD/University of Hamburg)

    Apr 4 to Apr 5, 2018

    "Visual Engagements. Image Practices and Falconry"
    Yannis Hadjinicolaou (NYUAD/Humboldt University Berlin)

    Apr 23 to Apr 24, 2018

    "Global Legal Education, Ethics and the Environment"
    Convened by John Coughlin (NYUAD)

    Apr 29 to Apr 30, 2018

    "And the Sultan Needs to Know… The Production and Transmission of Knowledge at Islamicate Courts of the Postformative Period"
    Convened by Christian Mauder (NYUAD/University of Bonn)

    May 9 to May 10, 2018

    Theory Research Committee of the International Comparative Literature Association
    Convened by Robert Young (NYUAD)