This is NYU Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi and New York University set out to develop a new model of higher education. This is the story of NYU Abu Dhabi and its pioneering global community of students and faculty.

This is NYU Abu Dhabi seeks to capture the bold and intrepid spirit which has marked NYUAD from the very beginning. In just over a decade, NYUAD has built a remarkable, diverse, and bold community of students, faculty, and staff who are ready to meet the needs and opportunities of our time. Each has their own unique perspective, and the film tells the story of NYUAD through their eyes. The documentary-style feature film was produced by BAFTA and Emmy-award winning filmmaker Anthony Geffen of Atlantic Productions.

There’s something unique in NYUAD in that the people coming in are unique, they're coming from all over the world, they're given a global perspective, which is amazing because they get lots of time abroad, and what comes out of NYUAD is a very unique person that contributes to the world.

Director Anthony Geffen, BAFTA and Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker