Xianwei Wang

Research Scientist Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi

Xianwei Wang is a research scientist from the Center for Global Sea Level Change, NYUAD, who is interested in global environmental changes. He specializes in GPS, satellite altimetry, InSAR, radio glaciology, and their cross-disciplinary science and applications to oceanography, geodynamics, ice mass balance, and ocean-ice interaction.

He is interested in urban subsidence, glacier changes, sea level rise, and potential risk of sea level rise to coastal cities. Currently, he is studying land subsidence in UAE, Thwaites Glacier, Drygalski and Mertz Ice Tongue changes in Antarctica, and Jakobshavn Isbare and Helheim Glacier changes in Greenland.

He has conducted field work in Antarctica and Greenland for four and three times, respectively, to study glacier change and ocean-ice interaction aiming to understand how the ocean can melt the ice tongue/shelves from the basal side.

Courses Taught