Greenland. Characterizing the ocean dynamics, lately changing by the Irminger Water circulation, and the sea-ice interaction at the East and West side of Greenland. This water brings a core of warm water that can increase the melting and the retreatment of the glacier. Antarctica. Identify the response of the Thwaites Glacier by the ocean waves. This interaction can change the ice dynamics, increasing the melting rates and calving production at the glacier front, impacting the sea level to coastal cities like Abu Dhabi. Describing the mixing rates at the Gerlache Strait (Antarctic peninsula), to quantify the amount of energy transported by the ocean that can impact the glacier front changing its dynamics. Quantifying the amount of ocean mixing to conduct the ocean preconditioning for the development of the last Maud Rise Polynya (2017). United Arab Emirates Currently, we are conducting a periodical Abu Dhabi coast survey to identify the ocean conditions and the relationship with the coral reefs. This study is relevant to know the local impacts of the sea-level changes and the state of the UAE reefs under the scenario of climate change.