Clare Eayrs

Research Scientist Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD University of East Anglia; MSc University of Southampton; BSc University of East Anglia

Research Areas: Antarctic sea ice; sea level

Clare Eayrs is a research scientist in the Center for Global Sea Level Change. Her main focus is on sea ice, which plays a critical role in our changing climate due to the amount of solar radiation it reflects and the fact that it mediates exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean. Understanding past and current sea ice interactions within the system as a whole is essential to understanding how climate will change in the future. Clare's interest in Antarctic sea ice is motivated by the need to define the role of changing distributions of Antarctic sea ice in driving future climate and sea-level change. She is particularly interested in its seasonal cycle, the marginal ice zone, and the interactions between sea ice and ice sheet margins.

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