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The Lowdown on the "Muslim Penalty"
We spoke to Samir Sweida-Metwally about the "Muslim Penalty"
Islam Channel, YouTube | September 26, 2022

Poor labour market performance amongst Muslims in Britain is not due to cultural habits, study finds
New research has discovered that Muslims’ so-called 'sociocultural attitudes' cannot explain their poor labour market outcomes in the British labour market.
University of Bristol, News and features | July 19, 2022

UK Muslims 'at greater risk of unemployment due to discrimination'
Report finds counterparts from other socio-economic groups have more success in Britain's job market
The National | July 18, 2022

Muslims’ high unemployment rate ‘not due to cultural and religious practices’
Study challenges idea poor outcomes are due to Muslims’ so-called ‘sociocultural attitudes’
The Guardian | July 17, 2022

High unemployment rate among British Muslims not due to cultural, religious practices: Study
“Muslim penalty” found to discriminate in the country’s jobs market when all other factors taken into account
Arab News | July 17, 2022