Group Attends Regional Seminar in Athens

Rebecca Morton takes her students to Athens, Greece for a Regional Academic Seminar and to attend the 2nd Annual Athens Meeting of Behavioral and Experimental Economics and Social Sciences.


April 15, 2017: SSEL team organized their second experiment with volunteers from the local community. Forty-two volunteers from the Emirates Foundation (SANID) participated and reported it to be an enjoyable and useful experience. They then participated in an Advanced First Aid Bag Orientation conducted by their own staff at NYUAD.

February 1-8, 2017: Professors Rebecca Morton and Jonathan Rogers hosted a group of student programmers and teachers from the specialized technical Sarrocchi institute, Siena, Italy. Morton and Rogers, along with Eleonora Patacchini (Cornell) and Paolo Pin (Bocconi) have been working on a project related to social networks and voting. Whereas most existing social network research has relied on self-reported networks of friends, their project uses a specially designed social network program, created and administered by students at ITT-LSA Tito Sarrocchi, a technical high school in Siena, Italy. The first stage of this project was carried out in Siena in November. In February 2017, a group of student programmers visited the NYUAD campus to process the data and begin work on the next stage of the research.

Fall 2016: Alizeh Batra (Human Subject Enrolment Specialist) and Futtaim Al Hammadi (Research Assistant) met Mohammed Al Abbasi from Takatof, and Mohanned Haroon from Sanid, branches of the Emirates Foundation. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss how to attract volunteers from the local community to participate in SSEL experiments. Both Mohammed and Mohanned were very enthusiastic about the idea. Following these meetings, Alizeh and Futaim conducted a presentation for volunteers to create awareness about experimental research in the Social Sciences and give information on how to register for experiments.