Wegood Awad

Global PhD Fellow Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA Abu Dhabi University

Research Areas: Material Science and Biological Applications

Wegood Awad graduated with a BSc in chemical engineering and is now a global Ph.D. fellow in Chemistry at both NYU and NYUAD. Over the course of her undergrad, she has won several awards for multidisciplinary projects and managed grants of over 30k over the span of 4 years. Her interest in material science stemmed from her work on using 3D printing to solve the issue of heavy weighed prosthetics, which in turn sparked her interest in her ongoing projects.

Currently, she’s focusing on integrating nanomaterials into biological systems to tackle challenges faced in the drug delivery process. More generally, Wegood is a strong advocate for interdisciplinary research that adapts new materials in creative ways to find solutions in the pharma industry. When she is not refilling her cup of coffee, Wegood is usually found teaching undergraduate courses. She is a huge advocate of mentoring, especially for women in science, and as such, she is a mentor with the Graduate school of Arts and Sciences in NY.