What Genes Make Atlantic salmon in Tasmania Enter Puberty?
The practise of salmon farming promotes rapid growth in conditions which mean animals may enter maturation at weights below harvest size. When this occurs, the animals can become unsalable due to deterioration in product quality.
March 5, 2019 | CSIRO Quaculture

Transcriptomics for understanding Atlantic salmon biology
The Applied Breeding and Genomics Team group is using transcriptomics to better understand the biology behind economically important traits in Atlantic salmon.
October 5, 2018 | CSIRO Quaculture

Preparing for a New Relationship: Coral and Algae Interactions Explored
Coral cannot survive on its own for long. It needs to create a symbiotic relationship with algae to survive. Algae provides approximately 90 percent of the energy coral needs, which means that their partnership must be preserved in order to keep the coral healthy.
June 23, 2016 | OIST