Noura Al Mansoori

Research Assistant Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BSc, Environmental Horticulture, UAE University / PhD, Ocean Science, Bangor University , UK.

Research Areas: Marine habitat conservation and Coral reef ecology, Bioerosion in extreme environments, Seagrass ecology

Noura is an Emirati research assistant that joined NYUAD to take part in the marine research of the lab. She wants to learn more about the marine ecosystem of her home country as well as develop her knowledge in this field.  She completed her undergraduate studies in Environmental horticulture at UAEU, but her passion lies in marine life and ecology. She has been an avid diver and conservationist before joining the lab in 2016 and since then she has assisted in underwater surveys, become the secondary skipper as well as work on projects with other lab members, focusing on bioerosion on coral reefs. She aspires to bridge the knowledge that is gained through research and educate children, and people in the community as well as decision-makers about the environmental status of our marine ecosystems. She is currently doing her PhD and focusing her research on seagrass ecophysiology of the Arabian Gulf.