تقنية للتعرف على بنية ووظيفة الأنظمة الإدراكية في الدماغ البشري
BBC interview with Nassim Ramadan discussing the role of virtual reality and 3D visualization of the brain in teaching nueroanatomy to students as well as in supporting neurosurgeons during presurgical planning.
BBC | September 20, 2021 [Arabic]

Endoscope-assisted resection of a brainstem cavernoma
Procedures on cavernous malformations of the brainstem are challenging due to their eloquent location. This accounts especially for recurrent cavernomas as surgical scars, adhesions, and functional shift might have occurred since primary surgery. We report on a 38-year-old female patient with a large recurrent brainstem cavernoma, who underwent previous successful surgery and experienced recurrent bleeding about 2 years later. She harbored a large associated developmental venous anomaly (DVA) traversing the cavernoma through the midline of the brainstem. In order to visualize complete resection and preservation of the DVA at the same time, endoscopic-assisted resection within the brainstem after decompression in the semisitting position was performed.
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