Oliver Farrell

Marine Field Research Technician Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: British School Al Khubairat

Research Websites: Mubadala Arabian Center for Climate and Environmental ScienceS (ACCESS) Burt Marine Biology Laboratory

Research Areas: Marine science; Arabian Gulf; Environmental monitoring; Biology; Oceanography

Oliver Michael Farrell is an adept technician specializing in the marine field and environmental monitoring. He has been living in the UAE since 1997 and has passion, knowledge, and appreciation for the unique and challenging natural environments surrounding us. Oliver initially pursued a career in instructing water sports, scuba diving, and outdoor education programs but later was drawn to environmental sciences and a path towards protecting the ecosystems that gave him so much in his early years. Oliver has extensive experience both on land and on the water, operating a variety of vehicles and leading teams in a diverse range of field operations across the Arabian Peninsula. He is now posted under the Mubadala ACCESS Center and is working towards establishing a comprehensive marine environmental monitoring network in Abu Dhabi, as well as lending his expertise to the interdisciplinary team at NYUAD.