• Highlighted Publications

    Lin, Dongqi, Jiawei Zhang, Basit Khan, Marwan Katurji, and Laura E. Revell. "GEO4PALM v1. 1: an open-source geospatial data processing toolkit for the PALM model system." Geoscientific Model Development Discussions 2023 (2023): 1-36.

    Khan, Basit, Sabine Banzhaf, Edward C. Chan, Renate Forkel, Farah Kanani-Sühring, Klaus Ketelsen, Mona Kurppa et al. "Development of an atmospheric chemistry model coupled to the PALM model system 6.0: Implementation and first applications." Geoscientific Model Development 14, no. 2 (2021): 1171-1193.

    Lin, Dongqi, Basit Khan, Marwan Katurji, Leroy Bird, Ricardo Faria, and Laura E. Revell. "WRF4PALM v1. 0: a mesoscale dynamical driver for the microscale PALM model system 6.0." Geoscientific Model Development Discussions 2020 (2020): 1-37.