Design For Excellence Lab

We are a research team at New York University Abu Dhabi, whose main focus is the reliability and security of electronic chips. With the increasing complexity of designs, enhanced capabilities of engraving smaller transistors on silicon, and low-power, high-performance operation requirements, integrated circuits are becoming more and more vulnerable to reliability and security threats.

Electronic chips manufactured today exhibit a higher defect rate, fail more often during their mission-mode operation, die quicker in the field, and thanks to globalization and outsourcing, are more prone to security threats such as counterfeiting, IP piracy and hardware trojans.

Our mission is to design these electronic chips with built-in defense mechanisms, in order to expose defective chips more easily and cost-effectively, make them resilient to errors during mission mode, expose any intentional malicious alteration of the chips and protect design IP from reverse engineering. We develop Design-for-Excellence techniques comprising of hardware design blocks and accompanying software CAD tools.

Unhackable Chip

Landmark achievements in IT security are happening here. For the first time, our researchers developed a computer chip with security implemented at the lowest possible level, the hardware level. "Logic-locked" chips can't be hacked or copied, providing future users with new guarantees of security for their devices.