Livable Planet Video Series

As NYU Abu Dhabi counts down to COP28, a new video series highlights the University’s sustainability-driven work across campus

The NYU Abu Dhabi community believes that in order to solve a crisis that is global in nature, we need an inclusive and global response.

With the world gathering in the UAE for COP28, the University is conducting work in almost every field to help contribute to the success of the conference and the UAE’s sustainability goals. 

To highlight the University’s commitment to a livable planet, NYUAD has created a video series that delves deeper into our research, our students’ dedication to sustainability-driven work, and our community’s role in the climate conversations that are taking place. 

Our University is contributing to work on the ground and knowledge creation in the four COP28 themes: adaptability, mitigation, climate finance, and loss and damage control. 

As the chair of the Universities Climate Network, NYUAD is working closely with a community of academic institutions that are central to climate action and youth engagement.

Our students and alumni are working across sectors and conducting research with an aim to make a positive impact on conservation efforts around the world, sustainable development, and energy efficiency.

In the lead up to COP28, the University will release a series of videos that will highlight the work that we’re doing in various fields in the UAE and around the world that engage the potential of higher education in the future of sustainability.