Government’s Mettle to be Assessed in face of Coronavirus

Robert Kubinec, Assistant Professor

Robert Kubinec, assistant professor of political science at NYU Abu Dhabi, is part of an international team of researchers working on identifying and collecting government policies in response to the spread of COVID-19.

As one of the principal investigators of CoronaNet, Kubinec together with colleagues from the NYUAD and the Technical University of Munich, are compiling a data set on government actions taken towards defeating the novel coronavirus.  

This includes gathering information on the timeline governments have set forth towards their response to the coronavirus. The research is also looking at how governments are targeting foreign states in regards to travel restrictions or banning the export of essential medical supplies.  

“We aim to make the data publicly available as soon as possible to help move forward social science research on COVID-19,” said Kubinec.  

The political science professor is collaborating with over 70 Research Assistants from around the world to collect data on government reactions and policies during these unprecedented times.

Robert Kubinec is a computational social scientist who studies difficult topics like corruption and polarization. He is also involved in statistical modeling of government policies' effect on the spread of the virus up until the present.