The Student Energy Summit

In November 2023, hundreds of students will gather at NYUAD for the Student Energy Summit (SES). SES is a global youth-led organization empowering the next generation of leaders, and the largest youth-led energy conference in the world. It works with a network of over 50,000 young people from over 120 countries to build the knowledge, skills and networks they need to take action on energy.

Under the theme "Reimagining the Future," SES 2023 is being hosted in the UAE for the first time, by NYUAD. The summit will be a transformative space for intergenerational collaboration, cultivating a space for young people from diverse homelands and unique educational and socio-economic backgrounds to interact and present innovative solutions to the world’s energy challenges.

The summit promises to be an exciting and inspiring event, with a formidable line-up of panel speakers and workshops on pertinent topics related to energy and sustainable development. A total of 650 SES delegates will also have the opportunity to visit the COP28 venue for SES 2023 the closing ceremonies. With the help of our global and local partners, we’ll be highlighting the UAE’s energy transition success story and sharing our vision for the future.